Test Runs Archival

You can now archive test cases and filter them out on the test runs page. To archive, edit a test run and choose “Archived” from the Status field dropdown.

To filter out archived test runs on the test runs page, click on Filter and choose “Active” from the Status filter.

Locking Test Runs

If you want to prevent any changes to a test run, you can now lock it. Locking it will disallow any additions, modifications or deletion of results in a test run. It will also prevent the test run from being edited.

To lock or unlock a test case, choose the lock or unlock icon from the test runs actions.

Locking a test run is also recorded in the activity log.

Filtering test cases based on references

You can now filter test cases based on their references on the test cases page as well as while selecting test cases in test runs.

Upsert API

Keeping test cases in sync between in your test management software and automation tools is difficult in a dynamic environment. That’s why we have introduced the upsert API call. Using this call, you can update a test case if it exists in your project, else it creates a new test case.

The key idea is to use the External ID attribute of a test case. It is a unique identifier assigned by you. Most likely, you already have external IDs for your test cases if you are using an automation tool.

When you use an external ID in the upsert API call, if it finds a test case with that external ID, it will update it; else, a new test case will be created, and its external ID will be set to this value.

Other key enhancements

  • Added the field External ID to test cases making it easy to link test cases with external systems.
  • Added project ID to URLs making it easy to bookmark projects.
  • Added BOM to test case export CSV so that Microsoft Excel automatically recognizes it as a UTF-8 encoded file and shows non-English and accented characters correctly.
  • Images in steps are lazy-loaded for improved performance.

Read the release notes for all changes.

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