This integration enables you to create stories in Shortcut workflows (or projects in the legacy version) when test cases are marked as failed in Tuskr.

Integration is achieved using Make — a SaaS service to create flexible integrations visually without writing code. Make has a generous free plan and is quite affordable. To understand our rationale behind using Make, read — why our approach is better than first-class integrations.


Blueprints are files that you can import into your Make account. A blueprint allows you to integrate Tuskr with other tools in just a few minutes.



Linking Shortcut stories to Tuskr test cases

If the Shortcut subdomain of your company is abc and the story ID is 60, the URLs for this story will be If we generalize, the story URLs will be like{id} where {id} is the ID of the story. Keeping this in mind read this article on how to link the stories with test cases.