Why our approach is better than first-class integrations

We often get asked why we don't offer first-class integrations — they are easy and convenient. So why not?

To answer this question, let's take the examples of Google Chat and Jira.

Many of our customers use Google Chat, but they use it differently. Some want notifications of all failed test cases, others wish to receive messages only for high-priority test cases, and others want notifications only when smoke testing fails. Some want all messages in one chat room, while others want to route them to different rooms based on their projects.

Many of our customers also use Atlassian's Jira — the popular issue-tracking tool. Some want to map custom fields from Tuskr to Jira, and others want to customize the description text of the issue.

Competitors who provide native integrations do not offer such flexibility. You may find their first-class integration work for you initially, but as your team evolves, you will likely find it does not work the way you want.

Software should adapt to your team's working style, not the other way around.

Writing a highly customizable integration requires non-trivial development and maintenance. Most teams now use multiple SaaS-based apps, meaning we have to write a highly customizable integration for each. Plus, new tools are coming up every day, and it is impossible to keep pace with them.

Integration tools exist in the market to solve this very problem. We don't want to reinvent the wheel — it's costly and just unnecessary.

That's why we integrate with integration tools like Make.

They help you integrate applications like Tuskr with thousands of other apps without writing code and offer great flexibility so every customer can customize the integration their way.

We recommend you start with Make. We have created blueprints you can import into Make to set up the integration in less than five minutes. They also have a generous free plan that should suffice for small teams and affordable pricing for larger groups.

If you need assistance setting up your integration, we are happy to help!