Field Sets

A field set is a group of related custom fields. It helps users to quickly select a group of related custom fields to fill.

For example, let's say that for API test cases, you wish the test case authors to enter three mandatory custom fields required to perform the API call: URL, Username and Password. For other test cases, these fields are not required.

You will:

  1. Create a field set named API.
  2. Create the three mandtaory single-line text custom fields — API URL, API Username and API Password and for each select API in their dropdown.

Now when the test case writers select API from the field set dropdown in the test case form, they will be prompted for the three custom fields attached to it.

Managing Field Sets

To create, edit or delete field sets, you need the administrator privilege. Go to Main MenuAdministrationField Sets to manage them.

Viewing Custom Fields attached to a Field Set

To view custom fields attach to a field set, go to Main MenuAdministrationField Sets and click on that field set's name.